Georgia Heard’s Crystallized Banned Books Series

My crystallized banned book series celebrates and immortalizes the beauty, power and timelessness of books, words and ideas. Each of these crystallized books, banned by a range of institutions and for a variety of reasons, is frozen in time by a crystallization process and is transformed into an enduring piece of art; a geological artifact. I want to show that regardless of constantly changing political beliefs, and shifting societal values, words and books are ageless and will survive. We are living in a dangerous time where the assault on words and ideas is pervasive. These crystallized books symbolize the tenacity and persistence of truth through language despite attempts throughout history to lock books and ideas away from the hands, minds and hearts of readers.

Books have been burned, banned and challenged throughout history for multiple reasons. In the 1930’s, the Nazi’s purged books by fire, and present day book banning includes the popular Harry Potter series which have been banned in the U.S. more than any other books. Notwithstanding human’s continuous onslaught on intellectual freedom — books, and all the wisdom and joy they bring, will live on.

SEPTEMBER 23 – 29, 2018

ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom